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Make-Ahead Mixes

I love convenience foods! But I really don’t like the “convenience” price, or the extra additives and preservatives that are often added. So, I’ve compiled some of my favorite mix recipes here to share, so you can save time and still save money by making them yourself!


Love those commercial mixes where you just add water and bake? Yeah, me too! But I don’t love the price. So I’ve come up with my own that you can make at home for a fraction of the price!! Plus, you control the ingredients – no fillers and no additives.

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Seasonings & Dressings

Never run out of seasonings or dressings for your recipes – you can make your own at home! You’ll save money AND control the ingredients!!

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Meals in a Jar

Need a fun and fast way to prep meals for camping, hiking, food storage, or to give as neighbor gifts? These great Meal in a Jar recipes have got you covered!

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