Chicken Casseroles Freezer Meal Plan

Chicken Casseroles Freezer Meal Plan

I got a request this week from a Facebook user in a group I am in, to put together some freezer meal plans for casseroles.   So, today I bring you a Chicken Casseroles Freezer Meal Plan!!


The timing couldn’t be better, because as I put together this group of some of my favorite freezer meal chicken casserole recipes, I realized that many of the items for these chicken casseroles are on sale this week.  So you’ll get great meals along with some extra savings!


This plan includes five recipes, a shopping list and directions.  You’ll make two of each meal, for a total of ten meals ready to go in your freezer!


Recipes included in the Chicken Casseroles Freezer Meal Plan: Bruschetta Chicken Bake, Chicken Vermicelli, Chicken Salsa Lasagna, King Ranch Chicken (adapted from TheSeasonedMom), and Chicken Caesar Casserole.


Bruschetta Chicken Bake on plate

Bruschetta Chicken Bake


There is some pre-cooking of the chicken, and you’ll have to cook your pasta, but other than that, there is very minimal prep.  These meals go together pretty quickly, so you could easily have these ten meals done in less than 2 hours from start to finish.


I wish I could say that I had lovely pictures for all of these, but I don’t.  Several of them had pictures from long ago on my other blog which are sadly no longer available (and which I wouldn’t want to post anyway because they looked TERRIBLE, trust me).  My dilemma though is that most of these recipes are not ones that my family can eat right now, so while I could make them up and take some pictures, there’d be no one to eat the meals!  And I hate wasting food.


So you’ll just have to trust me that these are recipes my family has tried and liked!  I hope you will like them, too!


Clickable button to download recipes and shopping list for Chicken Casseroles Freezer Meal Plan



If you’re interested in some additional chicken casserole meals, check out my Chicken Alfredo Bake!

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