Spice It Up Advent Calendar 2017

Spice It Up Advent Calendar 2017

Christmas will be here before we know it, and I am so excited to announce that I get to participate in a special spice-themed Advent “calendar” of great holiday recipes, put on by my friend Jenny at Jenny Is Baking!

Advent is celebrated in many countries around the world, and among the religious and non-religious alike, as a way to count down the days leading up to Christmas!

Advent calendars have been around since at least the nineteenth century, with the first ones originating in Germany.  As they have become more widespread, the themes used in those calendars have become more broad as well, ranging from traditional nativity scenes, to winter themes, to more modern holiday icons.  Even Lego and Disney have started producing advent calendars!  I think I may be a little partial to the ones that count down the days with chocolate…

Well, we’re going to put a little different spin on ours.  Jenny has gathered over twenty different food bloggers from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and nationalities and cultures, to come together and post a different recipe each day, focusing on different spices, as a way to count down the days until Christmas!  It is going to be fabulous!!

You can follow along from the main advent calendar page on Jenny’s blog!

Here’s a list of the bloggers who will posting recipes and what they will be featuring.  Pay special attention to the entry for December 8th…  😉

December 1, Jenny from Jenny Is Baking will feature tonka bean in a sweet bread

December 2, Rachel from Dishing Up Dinner will feature nutmeg in a cookie

December 3, Jyoti from The Hungry Belly will feature saffron in a dessert

December 4, Natalie from Natalie Journeys will feature nutmeg in a drink

December 5, Renea from Inspire A Creation will feature peppermint in a dessert

December 6, Samira from Samira’s Recipe Diary will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 7, Markus from Earth Food and Fire will feature cloves in a side dish

December 8, Candi from Make Ahead Meal Mom will feature nutmeg in a dessert

December 9, Rachael from Coloured Plates will feature star anise in a condiment

December 10, Kori from I Rok the Kitchen will feature ginger in a cookie

December 11, Megan from Life on Paradise Drive will feature pumpkin pie spice in a dessert

December 12, Leslie from Deliciously Plated will feature cardamom in a beverage

December 13, Tanya from Food Forage will feature ginger in a dessert

December 14, Ali from Fix Me a Little Lunch will feature bay leaves in a cocktail

December 15, Daniela from Dani’s Cookings will feature cinnamon in a cake

December 16, Neha from Witty Mushroom will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 17, Lizet from Chipa by the Dozen will feature aniseed in a cookie

December 18, Jillian from Simple Sassy Scrumptious will feature cinnamon and cloves in a cookie

December 19, Jennifer from Jennifer Bakes will feature cayenne pepper in a snack

December 20, Angela from Bake It with Love will feature nutmeg in a dessert

December 21, Kaveri from Pretty Little Things will feature ginger in a dessert

December 22, Nataliya from The Friendly Gourmand will feature clove in a side dish

December 23, Myriam from Milly’s Melting Pot will feature vanilla in a cookie

December 24, Jenny, initiator and from Jenny Is Baking will post a roundup of all the recipes together!

I cannot wait to see what will be featured each day!  I hope you will follow along, and that this will provide some great inspiration for new dishes to add to your holiday favorites!!

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