Shopping Trip – Winco, 11/13

Shopping Trip – Winco, 11/13

Alright, you guys will NOT believe this shopping trip!!


It has been about 7 years since I have been to Winco.  We used to live a few blocks behind one of the locations, and I would shop there occasionally.  Mostly for Thanksgiving when they put their great grocery deals up.


But we have since moved, and the nearest Winco is about 25 min away.  Not a trip that I want to make on a regular basis.  Nothing against the store, I’m just lazy and too cheap


I really just went today on a reconnaissance mission of sorts.  Winco was kind enough to send a flyer out this year, highlighting some deals for Thanksgiving and also in honor of a new store opening.  And it definitely caught my eye, with some incredible deals!  I also wanted to get some prices to add to the Thanksgiving 2017 Grocery Deals list.


I was not disappointed!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to walk out of a grocery store with a full cart and pay anywhere close to $50.  In fact, the total was so low, I sat in the car to make sure they had gotten everything because I still couldn’t believe they had scanned it all!  Ha ha ha!


Here’s what I picked up:

(6) Mist Twist 2-liters, .88 ea

(4) Diet Pepsi 2-liters, .88 ea

(2) Diet Mist Twist 2-liters, .88 ea

(2) Malt-O-Meal cereals, 1.48 ea (limit 2 at this price)

(2) Tenderbird boneless skinless frozen chicken breasts 3lbs, 3.98 ea (limit 2 at this price)

(2) Totino’s Party frozen pizza, .68 ea (limit 2 at this price)

(1) 12pk hoagie rolls, 3.48

(6) lbs gala apples, .48/lb (no limit)

(1) Winco canola oil 48oz, 1.98

(1) 2pk StoveTop stuffing mix, 1.98

(6) Lindsay olives, .98 ea

(6) Winco canned cranberry sauce, .78 ea

(2) Nalley chili, .68 ea (limit 2 at this price)

(2) Swanson’s chicken broth, .25 ea (limit 2 at this price)

(2) Santiam canned pumpkin, 1.68 ea

(4.5) lbs bananas, .48/lb

(1) 19-lb turkey, FREE with $50 purchase!!


TOTAL:  $52.33


I didn’t use any coupons.  None.  And still scored incredible deals!  In fact, I wasn’t even watching my tally because I was sure I was WAY over the $50 mark needed for the free turkey.  Turns out, I was only .81 over the $50 mark and just barely made it!  That’s how good the deals were!


Note: The special prices (the ones with limits listed above) are good at three Utah locations only – Midvale, West Valley and the new South Salt Lake store, now through November 23.  If you head to Winco to get some of these deals, be sure to check the Thanksgiving 2017 Grocery Deals list because they had some other really great prices on Thanksgiving meal items you might want to grab while you are there!


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