Shopping Trip – Walmart Neighborhood Market, 11/15

Shopping Trip – Walmart Neighborhood Market, 11/15

So, I don’t usually buy a ton of groceries at Walmart.  I’ve generally found that I can beat their prices at other places by buying during good sales and using coupons.  Walmart is usually more of a convenience for me – if I need something and I don’t know if it’s on sale somewhere, then Walmart is an easy go-to.


That’s not to say that Walmart doesn’t have some great deals, because they do!  Which is what (partially) prompted today’s trip.


Actually, I really went there to scope out prices for the Thanksgiving 2017 Grocery Deals list.  I saw some prices online last night that seemed a little too good to be true.  (And others that were significantly higher than all other local stores…)


I was pleasantly surprised that the prices I saw online were in fact what I found in the store.  Which was awesome, because that meant CHEAP cream cheese!!!  I kid you not, I paid about 1.48ish for this same stuff, one block, just a few weeks ago.  Today it was .82 per block!!


We were also out of bread and I have a couple of hours’ worth of work today, so no time for homemade.  And I didn’t want to run to another store just for bread.  So I picked up two loaves while I was at Walmart.  Unfortunately my kids don’t like the cheaper Walmart brand.  So $2/loaf bread it was.


Here’s what I picked up:


(1) gallon whole milk, 1.98

(2) loaves Sara Lee bread, 1.98 ea

(2) boxes Great Value stuffing mix, .75 ea

(6) Great Value spaghetti pasta and meatballs, .67 ea

(10) 2pks Great Value cream cheese, 1.62 ea

(3) cans Great Value canned cranberry sauce, .82 ea

(3) pkg Johnsonville Italian sausage, 3.48 ea

(2.25) lbs 85% lean ground beef, marked down to 5.97 (2.65/lb)


TOTAL:  47.93


The Italian sausage was totally not on sale or special, but I have a really hard time finding the stuff the week before Thanksgiving, so I figured I’d better pick it up when I saw it.  Last year I ended up having to go to two different stores just to find enough for our Thanksgiving dressing!  I had no idea it was so popular for Thanksgiving.  It will go into the freezer for a few days until I need it for the big meal next week.


The cream cheese will be split between the fridge and the freezer.  The canned stuff goes in my pantry for future use (Cranberry Catalina Chicken, Bruschetta Chicken) and the ground beef will most likely go into the freezer unless I decide to use it for dinner tonight.  😉


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