Shopping Trip – Macey’s, 10/5

Shopping Trip – Macey’s, 10/5

I bring you a bit of sad news today, and also a change-up to my normal grocery routine.


My beloved GrocerySmarts website, which is where I go (for free!) to get a list of the sales ad items for grocery stores near me each week and a list of matching coupons and ratings for stock-up deal prices, has had to cut back and is no longer providing grocery lists for two of the major grocery chains out here!  I am pretty distraught – I even had nightmares about it last night!  (If that doesn’t scream “Crazy Grocery Coupon Lady” I don’t know what does…)


I don’t shop Harmon’s very often, but they do occasionally have some great sales.  And I like to have the option.  So losing the Harmon’s list is a setback.  I’m working on some options for replacing it, but I don’t know if I can do it by myself.  Stay tuned.


But to help assuage some of my grief at the Harmon’s setback (and they’ve also discontinued doing Ream’s, too), I was able to get some great deals at Macey’s this week!  Again, this is one of those stores that I don’t shop at often because it’s quite far from my home.  But when they have good sales I’ll usually try to plan a trip out there, and this week is one of those sales!


This week Macey’s is having a Baking Sale, and the prices are fabulous!  It is Buy 6 Items, Save $3.  And BEST of all – NO COUPONS NEEDED!!!  🙂


Do be advised though, that supplies are running low on some things, so you may have to get a raincheck or check back over the next few days if they are out of some of the items you want.


Here’s what I picked up today:


(1) 10lb bag of russet potatoes, on sale 1.99

(4) Duncan Hines brownie mixes, .79 ea

(4) Guittard baking chips, 1.99 ea

(8) Western Family canned pumpkin, .99 ea

(2) Western Family 4lb granulated sugar, 1.19 ea

(2) Western Family light corn syrup, 1.49 ea

(4) Western Family 1lb dark brown sugar, .39 ea

(4) Western Family 1lb powdered sugar, .39 ea

(8) Western Family 1lb light brown sugar, .39 ea


TOTAL:  $33.61


Everything but the potatoes were part of the Buy 6 Save $3 Baking Sale.  That’s pretty much my year’s supply of canned pumpkin and corn syrup, and a good portion of my pantry supply of brown sugar.


They were out of all the other varieties of Guittard baking chips, and there is a manufacturer shortage, so I got a raincheck at the front desk.


Also included in the sale is Kraft 10oz Jet-Puffed marshmallows, for .69!  And of course, with my luck, my store was completely out.  So I had to get a raincheck for those, too.  But .69 is a fabulous deal, and I like to keep plenty around for making rice krispy cereal treats for holiday parties and treats.


Other items included in the sale:

Betty Crocker cake mixes, .69

WF 48oz vegetable oil, 1.49

Gold Medal 5lb AP flour, 1.49

WF sour cream, .99

WF evaporated milk, .49

WF marshmallow cream, .99

WF vegetable shortening 48oz, 2.99

WF vanilla extract 8oz, .99

Fleishman’s yeast 3pk, .99

WF coconut flakes, 1.89

WF raisins 32oz, 3.99

WF walnut halves & pieces 16oz, 4.49






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