Shopping Trip – Kroger/Smith’s, 9/27

Shopping Trip – Kroger/Smith’s, 9/27

Just a small trip to Smith’s this week, as there wasn’t much on my list.

Now, I want to preface this trip with a comment about the coupon situation. This week’s ad is a “Digital Coupon Savings” event. These are slightly different than the regular digital coupons that are available for Kroger stores. The regular ones are generally considered manufacturer coupons, they are good for one use only, and they may NOT be combined with paper or printable coupons. However, for the Digital Coupons Savings event, Kroger has brought out some digital coupons that can be used up to FIVE times (as long as they are used in the same transaction). There is currently some debate as to whether these are considered store coupons (which CAN be combined with paper or printable manufacturer coupons), or whether these are still considered manufacturer coupons. I have not seen a clear answer anywhere. The wording on the coupons themselves is not clear and would actually lend me to think they cannot be combined. However, I keep seeing major couponing sites state that these special “use up to five times” coupons CAN be combined with regular manufacturer coupons. I cannot find an answer to this from Kroger corporate anywhere.

So, I decided to try it yesterday. I asked the cashier, and she said she didn’t know. Her suggestion was that we should just try and see what happens and if the register didn’t beep then she would assume we were good.

It did NOT beep, and all the coupons seemed to go through. I don’t think she did an override on any of them, but she might have and I just didn’t notice. So, I’m going to post the info for the coupon combos. But I need to preface this all with a very big “YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY“, a.k.a. this may or may not work for you at your local store.

So, with that said…

Here are some great highlights from this week’s sale and a few other deals I found:


(5) Kroger instant oatmeal 10ct, on sale 1.49 (.99 ea after digital coupon)

(8) Ortega taco shells 12ct, on sale .99 (.49 ea after paper coupon)

(4) Hefty tall kitchen trash bags, on sale 6.99 (5.99 after digital coupon, 4.99 after paper coupon)

(1) Hefty large trash bags, on sale 6.99 (5.99 after digital coupon, 4.49 after paper coupon)

(5) Bush’s Best baked beans, on sale 1.00 (.80 ea after digital coupon)

(5) Kroger 100% apple juice 64oz, on sale 1.49 (.99 ea after digital coupon)

(4) Campbell’s Well Yes canned soups, on sale 1.99 (.99 ea after paper coupon)


TOTAL:  $49.17


I used a .50/1 digital coupon for the instant oatmeal (use up to 5 times), a 1.00/1 digital coupon for the trash bags (use up to 5 times), a 1.00/5 digital coupon for the baked beans, a .50/1 digital coupon for the apple juice (use up to 5 times), (4) 1.00/2 any Ortega products coupon that were hanging on the taco shells display, (4) 1.00/1 Hefty tall kitchen trash bags coupon from RP-8/27, (1) 1.50/1 Hefty large black trash bags coupon from RP-8/27, and (2) 2.00/2 Catalina coupons received with a previous purchase.   (All digital coupons can be found here on the Kroger/Smith’s website in the Savings Center, or on the Kroger [or your local Kroger affiliate] app.)


The expiration date for the taco shells is late October 2018, so I stocked up.  If we have tacos once a month, that is almost an entire year’s worth of taco shells for right around 4.00!  Not too shabby!


And while I mostly only give my kids the homemade Easy Instant Oatmeal that I make, I do keep some store-bought around (as long as I can get it for $1 or less a box) as backups for when I run out and don’t have time to make more, and also as options for donating when the food drives come around.

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