Shopping Trip – Kroger/Smith’s, 11/1

Shopping Trip – Kroger/Smith’s, 11/1

The Thanksgiving grocery sales are now upon us!  In my area, Kroger (Smith’s) has traditionally been the first store to put their Thanksgiving meal items on sale, and this year is no exception.

However, this year’s sale looks to be a little different.  Some of the items I am used to seeing on this sale (and that I wait all year to stock up on) are missing from this year’s sale.  There are still a TON of great deals though!  There are a bunch of things at near rock-bottom prices (the lowest they will be for the whole year), and most of the deals are available without coupons!!!

It’s a “Buy 10 Save $5 Mega Event – Baking Sale”, and will run for the next two weeks.

Here’s what I picked up today:


(2) bunches bananas, .55/lb

(2) loaves Smith’s brand bread, on sale 1.25 ea

(2) Betty Crocker cake mixes, on sale 1.29 (.79 ea with promo, .54 ea with digital coupon)

(2) Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup, on sale .99 (.49 ea with promo, .39 ea with coupon)

(2) Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup, on sale .99 (.49 ea with promo, .39 ea with coupon)

(8) Del Monte canned tomatoes, on sale .99 (.49 ea with promo)

(4) Hefty slider storage bags, on sale 1.49 (.99 ea with promo)

(2) Kraft BBQ sauce, on sale 1.29 (.79 ea with promo)

(10) Land O Lakes butter, on sale 2.99 (2.49 ea with promo)

(4) MaltOMeal cereals, on sale 1.99 (1.49 ea with promo)

(4) Persil 50oz laundry detergent, on sale 5.99 (5.49 ea after promo, 2.49 ea after coupon)

(10) Pringles chips, on sale 1.39 (.89 ea after promo)

(26) Swanson’s broth, on sale .99 (.49 ea after promo)

(4) Swiss Miss hot cocoa, on sale 1.49 (.99 ea after promo)

(4) Green Giant canned veggies, on sale .99 (.49 ea after promo)

(8) Pillsbury brownie mix, on sale 1.00 (.50 after promo)


TOTAL:  $92.73


I used (1) .40/4 manufacturer coupon for the soup (see SS-9/10), (4) 3.00/1 printable coupons for the Persil, and (1) .50/2 digital coupon for the Betty Crocker cake mix, or use a printable coupon .50/2 Betty Crocker cake mixes.


I stock up on butter about twice a year – Thanksgiving and Easter – and then keep it in my freezer to use throughout the year.  This is also when I stock up on canned broth, canned tomatoes, canned veggies, Campbell’s soups and a few other baking items.


Also included on the sale –

Smith’s milk half gallons, on sale 1.49 (.99 ea after promo)

Nestle morsels, on sale 2.49 (1.99 ea after promo)

Knudsen or Martinelli’s sparkling juices and ciders, on sale 2.49 (1.99 ea after promo)


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