Meals In A Jar: Printable Tags

Meals In A Jar: Printable Tags

Confession time – I don’t actually store my meals in a jar with these cute little tags on them.  Well, some I do, but only because I taught a class on doing Meals in a Jar, and used these for display.  So I gussied them up a bit.  And the ones I haven’t made for dinners yet and that are still on my shelf still have their tags.

But for just storage, I don’t go to the trouble.  I’m lazy like that.  I just write on the lid with a permanent marker and call it good!  That’s about as crafty as I get most years…

I happen to have a Silhouette cutter and so I used that to make the tags.  I have recreated the file in PDF format, in case you would like to print it off and use the tags for your jars as well.

There were more than eight meals used in my original class, so there were several sheets of tags.  I’ve condensed them down into one sheet with all the tags for the eight meals currently posted and then left a couple blank.  I do have more meals in jars to post, and I will get to them soon.  As I do so I will post additional files for those tags if you’d like.  Just give me a holler and let me know!




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  • What is the shelf life for these meals in a jar? I think they’re a great idea for food storage and gifts! I’d just like to know how long they are good for ? thank you!

    • Shelf life is 5-10 years if properly stored (which may be a fairly conservative estimate). You’ll want to check the seals periodically to make sure they are still intact, especially on any jars where you’ve used freeze-dried meats.

      Usually I look at the various shelf lives of each of the ingredients involved in the specific jar meal (manufacturer will print them on the can), and then pick the shortest and use that.

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