So long, and thanks for all the strawberries…

So long, and thanks for all the strawberries…

Sometimes I just can’t help it when a Douglas Adams reference slips into a post on strawberries…it has been that kind of day…

Since strawberry season is now coming to a close, I was able to get a good deal on a flat of strawberries this morning – 12lbs for $10!!  (Thanks for the head’s up Sarah!)

Normally, a bonanza like this would go straight towards making strawberry jam.  But there just isn’t room in my schedule this week.  So these little beauties are headed to the freezer!

Here’s my little “processing” setup – strawberries, bags, cutting board, bowl for discards, and the most important part, entertainment!  😉

strawberries for the freezer

I LOVE being able to buy in bulk at great savings and then freeze for later use!

These frozen strawberries make great additions to smoothies – no need to add extra ice because the berries are already frozen.  You can keep them all in one bag, or separate them out into individual “smoothies” in separate baggies.  (Have you seen how much the pre-packaged frozen smoothie packs go for at the store?!?)

Or, use the frozen strawberries to make jam at a later date!  You can make both regular cooked jam and freezer jam from pre-frozen strawberries!

I also use frozen strawberries to make strawberry syrup occasionally.  Or let them thaw and dice them up to be used in strawberry muffins (hmm, I need to do a post on my make-ahead muffin mix).  Or toss them in oatmeal or various quick-breads.  So many uses!

Now I’m kinda wishing I had gotten more…  😉


2 thoughts on “So long, and thanks for all the strawberries…”

  • Great tips, and perfect as summer berries and farmers market seasons winds down. I’m a busy working mom (with side hustle too!) of two kids and always love ideas on how to keep them stocked in fresh food, even when life is crazy. Thank you!

    • I love filling my freezer with food! Sometimes the hard part is remembering what I have in there and remembering to pull it out later and use it! 🙂 But berries usually don’t stay very long, especially in the summer, because we love using them in smoothies. At least those I can remember to pull out and use. 😉

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