Big changes for 2018…

I will try to keep this short and sweet, but wanted to update you on where I’ve been and what has been going on over the last two weeks or so. Guys, I’m so tired of being tired.  And sick.  And fat.  JUST. SO. TIRED!  […]

Big changes for 2018…

I will try to keep this short and sweet, but wanted to update you on where I’ve been and what has been going on over the last two weeks or so.

Guys, I’m so tired of being tired.  And sick.  And fat.  JUST. SO. TIRED!  Tired of it all.

I need to make some changes.  For me.  For my kids.  For our family.

I’ve known they need to be made for over two years now.  But the thought of all the work involved has just exhausted me, even just thinking about it all.

Well, I was finally moved to action.

And so, on a whim, I announced to my family two weeks ago that we are radically changing the way we eat around here.

I did a low-carb diet for 18 months and lost 70 lbs.  I felt great, but then had to have a surgery in November of 2016, and promptly gained all of that weight back over the next twelve months.  And I have struggled to get back on that diet.  Starting and stopping, starting and stopping, over and over again.  Which is not doing me any good.

And my kids need to do an elimination diet to see if some foods are provoking some of their medical issues.


For thirty days, we are eating no processed foods, no refined sugars, no additives, no preservatives, no dairy, no fast food, and for right now minimal grains (this may need to change to gluten-free for a month as we do a full elimination).

My family is addicted to carbs and sugar and sweets.  They crave easy carbs.  All the time.  Breads and chips and cookies and granola bars and breakfast cereal.

I’m done.  I’m putting my foot down and putting a stop to it.  We are going cold-turkey on this, and quite frankly, the first two weeks have been TOUGH!  The first week was almost unbearable.  Everyone was tired and grumpy and irritable.  But it is getting better.

While I think this is absolutely without a doubt a much healthier way of eating, it does come with some drawbacks.  It means a LOT more time in the kitchen for me, as I can’t rely on convenience foods or even most commercially prepared foods.

And so now, even more than before, I need to find ways to make meals ahead of time, because I cannot spend an hour in the kitchen every morning making breakfast, and another hour or so for lunch, and another hour or so for dinner.  I wish I had that kind of time, but I don’t.  So make-ahead and freezer options are becoming critical for me in order to help us stay on this “diet”.  (Which is not really a diet – the main goal of this is not to lose weight [although for me it is] but mostly to see if we can get feeling better by feeding our bodies better.  And to help alleviate some medical issues.)

Because this is a pretty significant departure from the meals we’ve been used to having, I have to relearn some new options.  And that will take time.

I refuse to post recipes of food I have not personally tried or that I do not feed my own family.  And if I can’t taste a recipe, I won’t post about it.

THE REASON I’M TELLING YOU THIS is that it will take me some time to search out new options for this way of eating, and I need some time to get comfortable with the new boundaries and parameters before I can start experimenting and adjusting recipes that I can then post on the blog.  So, I may need to go for a couple of weeks without posting anything.  I’m going to try to get more “informational” posts up in the meantime – additional articles about the how-to’s of freezer meals, converting things for the Instant Pot, saving money on groceries, etc.  I promise you I have not given up (yet).  I’m still here.  I just may be silent (so to speak) a bit more than usual for a little while until I get more comfortable with this new plan.



  • I am still trying to eat as low-carb/keto as possible since I do have a LOT of weight to lose.  So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds.  Not bad for three weeks. (I started a week before the family diet changes.)
  • I am not having the family do low-carb per se.  We are limiting the amount of grains though, as it is part of the elimination phase of the diet.  They will come back in after the first month or so.  But we’re not restricting any vegetables or fruits yet.  Just any preservatives, additives, food dyes, refined sugars, and trying to keep any added sugars to an absolute minimum.
  • My husband has been on acid reducers daily for the last 6 months or so because of recurring heartburn and acid reflux issues, especially with tomato-based foods.  In just the two weeks since we’ve switched our diet, he has only had heartburn ONCE, and has not taken any of his acid meds the entire time.  So I count that as a small win.  Hopefully there will be many more, for all of us.
  • We’re not following a specific diet plan.  Just guidelines.  I am taking a lot of meals from, as an easy way to get started on our transition, and we have loved what we have tried so far!

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