Shopping Trips – Harmons, Sprouts and Smith’s 7/22

Shopping Trips – Harmons, Sprouts and Smith’s 7/22

I am not a morning person.  Especially on Saturdays.

I am also not a big fan of grocery shopping (or really any shopping) on Saturdays.  I try to avoid it whenever possible.  Too many people, too crazy, too busy.  Especially if it involves going to a big blue supermart store that is just down the road a few miles from me.  Crazy busy on Saturdays!!!

Smith’s decided to have a one-day sale on Saturday, and Sprout’s was having a weekend sale.  So I ended up grocery shopping on Saturday.  But to avoid the crowds, I tried to go as early as I could.  It was a quick trip, and all three stores are within just a couple miles of each other, so I was able to hit all three without any trouble.  My goal for the day was “get in, get out and get home.”  😉

That was, until I decided to stop at DownEast to check for some linen napkins…and they were having a sales event with 50% off the lowest price on all home accessories…which was great because it included their napkins (which even at DownEast are incredibly expensive) but it also happened to include kitchen electrics…and I’m a sucker for kitchen electrics!  So I was a bit waylaid by a new waffle maker…and an immersion blender… ha ha ha!  I did get the linen napkins, though, so at least I didn’t fail there.  🙂


I wanted to grab a few things at Harmons this week.  Most were for stock-up purposes.  So some of these aren’t things that I needed for this week, but rather, are things that will go in the pantry to be used later on.

Here’s what I picked up:

(12) Kool-Aid Bursts 6pks, on sale .69 ea when you buy 4

(8) Kraft salad dressings, on sale .99 ea when you buy 4

(8) Hunt’s pasta sauce, on sale .79 ea when you buy 4

(2) SourPatch watermelon big bags, on sale 3.99 ea

(12) Kraft marshmallows, on sale .79 ea when you buy 4

(10) limes, on sale .14 ea


TOTAL: $42.62


No coupons used.  These were all just great sale prices.  REALLY good sale prices.

Most of the salad dressings were French and Catalina, and will be used in making Cranberry Catalina Chicken freezer meals.  The pasta sauce goes in to my food storage and gets used on any of a dozen various recipes.

The Kool-Aid Bursts are for school lunches.  And the marshmallows we keep around because they are a dairy-free treat that my allergic kids can eat, and they keep for FOREVER.  And marshmallows are just good to have around because you never know when you might need them for emergency smore’s or rice krispy treats!  🙂



Next up was Sprouts Farmers Market!  Just a few items from their weekend sale.

(8) 1lb containers strawberries, .98 ea

(4) pints grape tomatoes, .98 ea

(8) pink lady apples, .98/lb

(8) green bell peppers, .50 ea

sweet cherries, 1.28/lb

deli turkey breast, 8.54


TOTAL: $31.65


No coupons on this one either.  The cherries went into this Cherry Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes recipe this weekend.  Seriously, if you have not tried some of Kelly’s recipes, you are missing out!  I’ll take pictures to post once we have the meal for dinner.

The bell peppers went into three Sweet and Sour Pork freezer meals.  I think I’ve got the recipe where I want it, but the sauce is modified from an oven-baked recipe and calls for a LOT of apple cider vinegar.  Which is okay when baking in the oven, because the vinegar mostly bakes off, but not as much baked off in the slow cooker.   I was all ready to share the recipe, but I feel like there is just a little too much vinegar “smell” that might make the recipe rather unappealing, even though it tastes good and doesn’t taste vinegary.  So, I’m going to continue working on the sauce and see if I can get the same tangy “sour” with something else in place of the vinegar.  But I’m close, hopefully.  Because I really want to post it and I think you’ll really like it!



Last up was Smith’s, to take advantage of their Saturday only sale on granola bars!

(2) pkg boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1.99/lb

(2) Old Orchard 100% juice, on sale 1.25, .79 after coupon

(3) half gallons whole milk, on sale .99 (2 were marked down to .69 ea)

(3) Mission tortilla chips, on sale .99 when you buy 3

(2) Simple Truth vanilla almond milk, 2.79 (1 @ 2.29 after digital coupon)

(3) Nature Valley granola bars, .99 ea after digital coupon

(2) Fiber One granola bars, .99 ea after digital coupon

(1) bunch bananas, .55/lb

(1) Simple Truth mixed greens, 4.99

(6) red bell peppers, on sale .98 ea

(1) super value pack boneless pork loin roasts, marked down to 1.19/lb

(1) 24ct Kroger bottled water, on sale 1.99 (not pictured)

(1) Smith’s loaf bread, 1.25 (not pictured)

(1) Smith’s honey bear, 3.29

(2) Mike & Ike’s candies, 1.00 ea (rewards for kid chores – not pictured)


TOTAL: $70.09


I used (2) .55/1 paper printable coupon for the Old Orchard juice.  The granola bars were a special deal, up to 5 at .99 ea with a digital coupon.  I also had loaded a digital coupon for the almond milk.

The pork loin roasts were used in a bunch of freezer meals this weekend.  I got 10 meals, and it took me under an hour.  They were super fast!  Some of the red bell peppers went into the Sweet and Sour Pork meals, and the rest will be chopped and put into my freezer stash.

The chicken breasts will be grilled and then sliced and frozen, to be used on salads throughout the next week or two.  And if I can get up the energy, in a Chicken Alfredo freezer meal!  🙂


And there you have it – three stores, three short shopping trips all on a Saturday morning.  Sometimes it is a pain, but it is worth it to stock up when things go on sale!  My apologies for the mundane nature of these posts – I mean, what is really all that exciting about a grocery shopping trip?  But I want to use them to show how I find the deals and how I use those items in the meals I prepare.  My goal is to eventually get enough recipes posted, that I can tell you at the start of the sales week what is on sale for that week, and then you can get a list of freezer meals that can be made with the items that are on sale.  So you’ll know the deals, and what to make with those deals!!

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    • I bet that is some SERIOUS guacamole! I’m apparently the only person on the planet who doesn’t like avocados, so I don’t ever make guacamole. 🙁 I could really go for some Colombian food, though. I lived in Ecuador for several months and had some really great food down there!! I did make it to Colombia for a weekend, up to Pasto and Las Lajas in Ipiales! I couldn’t bring myself to try the cuy though… 😉

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